Week 1 – Renovation in the Rain


The renovation has begun! I made the proclamation on Facebook that I hope to do weekly updates each Monday as we progress, so here is the first one. Better late than never!

Last week we said goodbye to downtown Little Rock and moved about 20 minutes down the road to Matt’s parents house. November proved to be our most social month of RVing yet. The Downtown Riverside RV park is a happening place! We had a wonderful time seeing old friends, meeting up with internet friends (Spot the Scotts and Open Road Chronicles) for the first time, and making new friends! One of Matt’s coworkers, who also travels full-time and blogs about it, arrived at the RV park a few days after we did. I had a wonderful time getting to know his wife and hanging out with their adorable, almost 2 year old. We also happened to cross paths with our friends Julie and Wendell who we met last year in a rain storm during our stay in Little Rock. They were our first true RV friends we had met on the road, so after staying in touch for the last year it was fun to see them again! I feel like this past month has been just the tip of the iceberg of the social fun we’re going to have as we become more mobile.

We technically kicked the renovation off Friday morning when Matt started pulling up the carpet. What a difference! It’s almost like the carpet sucks the light from the room and once it’s removed the space suddenly looks larger. Maybe someone who’s scientific can explain that one to me. 😉rv-renovation-carpet-removalWe were pleasantly surprised to find that Mobi was originally outfitted with linoleum flooring! Anyone who has ever removed RV carpet will know how exciting this is because it means we have a nice smooth surface to lay the new stuff over. It was in really great shape so I’m not exactly sure why someone would have wanted to add carpet, but to each their own, I’m just glad I won’t be ripping out hundreds of staples!

As predicted, we had a rain filled weekend. At first I was pretty bummed that we were expected to stay drenched, but as the weekend progressed I realized it probably was for the best that it rained non-stop.soggy-vintage-motorhomeIf it wouldn’t have been for the rain we wouldn’t have been able to identify the problem areas, so it was really a blessing in disguise. Our first find was right behind the oven. We already knew the wall was damaged but weren’t entirely sure how it gotten that way until we removed the vent hood. I mean really…how can that be ok to just let water run in like this?rv-leaky-vent-hood-outletA big chunk of our Saturday was spent at Home Depot picking up the majority of supplies we needed. We made a trip to Lowe’s Sunday because we switched up our flooring choice and are trying a new different product called SMARTCORE. Like the Allure planks it is 100% waterproof but seems a little lighter despite how rigid and thick it is. We’re also going an extra step and installing an underlayment first (which we wished we would have done in Lucille) and I think it’s going to make a big temperature difference on the tootsies.rv-remodel-hardware-store-runOnce we arrived back with the new materials the first things to go in were the new dinette support boards. The ones previously there were splintery particle board and weren’t the sturdiest. Since we’ll be spending most of our time in this little section I wanted to make sure it was solid.motorhome-dinette-renovationAfter removing the damaged wall behind the oven and doing quite a bit of demo on the cabinets, we were left with nothing but a few bones. Since we had just picked up the new sink I was anxious to do a test fit to see how it would work. Who knew I’d ever be so excited for something to do dishes in!rv-renovation-sink-fittingWe also took the flooring and countertops for a test run to see how they looked.rv-renovation-floorIn my renovation plans post I discussed wanting walnut countertops. Well, after realizing the $99 material I was looking at was only 4″ wide and made for a backsplash, I checked online for actual countertop material and sent out for a quote. When it came back at over $500 I decided I would need to find a more budget friendly route and so I settled on simple pine that will be stained. I even did a little research and remembered a blog I’ve followed for years actually did the very same thing. Considering the new countertops were less than $75 I think it’s a worthy trade off and I’m sure it will look just as lovely.rv-remodel-countertopThroughout the weekend we only found one leaky spot in the roof (through the antenna hole) but found out the old windows are the sneakiest culprit. It even took us until last night to realize just how much water was coming in behind the laminate, so we started tearing out those panels and will replace with a new luan that will be smooth and ready for paint.wf-motorhome-water-damage-windowAll in all it was a successful first weekend. While we don’t feel like we accomplished a lot, we feel like we have a pretty good plan of attack for things that need to be done. Hopefully this week we’ll be able to get the remaining demolition done and this upcoming weekend looks to be free from any precipitation so getting all of the leaks sealed up will be our biggest priority.

In other news I had a bit of time to play around in Photoshop and mock up the ideas that have been floating around in my brain. :) Who knows if this is exactly where we’ll end up but I think it will be pretty close! If only I could snap my fingers and make it happen just as fast as the gif does it!wf-rv-renovation-before-after-mockupUntil next week!





9 Comments on “Week 1 – Renovation in the Rain

  1. Looks like you’re making great progress! I agree that the rain was a blessing in disguise since you were able to fix so many issues. What’s the grey panel beside the window? I love how bright everything looks in the GIF.

  2. Thank you for sharing this renovation. I’ve always wondered just how much work it really takes to make over a camper. I’m very impressed with how much you got done in such a short time. Looking forward to more posts.

  3. What? You’re not keeping that wallpaper? It’s so exciting to see this transformation happen and learn so much from you at the same time. Thank you for sharing this experience with us!

    ..and for the special blog mention! 🤗
    Can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. This is so encouraging, we have an old trailer that has good bones, so knowing how we can make it last is a great relief!

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