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Well, it’s been a while. 

I’d like to say my lack of blogging has been from a lack of time, but that wouldn’t really be the truth. I’m going to be honest for a minute and get my thoughts out there before jumping into a recap of the last 11 months.

I lost my blog passion. Not so much about ours, but reading the blogs that used to inspire me to want to blog. Most of the home renovation blogs that I used to read have all but fizzled out, and the blogging scene (except for other rvers) has changed so much in the last several years. I think social media has had a lot to do with the change since it’s so easy to quickly share a photo on Instagram or Facebook, which basically does same thing as a blog post. I also have been too much of a perfectionist when it comes to blogging. I wanted every word and punctuation to be perfect before posting which often translated to a single post taking 6 hours or more.

So, from here out, don’t expect perfection. :) I’m not an English major so I’m going to write like I talk and be done with it. You’ve been warned.

With all of that said, I do still want to share our journey. Being sidelined for the last eight months left me feeling like I didn’t have much to share, since we weren’t traveling full-time, but now that we’re on the road again there are lots of adventures ahead and we couldn’t be more excited!

Since it has been so long since we’ve been here I’m going to back track the last 11 months at lightening speed.

January and February: Whoa, these months were a blur. We set out at the beginning of the year for our great adventure of 2015. We made a couple of quick stops in Houston, TX and Lake Charles, LA and then made our way over to Alabama. We enjoyed hanging out at our favorite campground near Birmingham and spent time prepping the bike for my first race. At the end of February, we headed to Roebling Road Raceway for the weekend that changed our entire year. If you’ve followed along on Instagram or Facebook you probably saw that my first race was a bust and my ankle got pretty beat up. If you didn’t, the short story is that I fractured my talus, (which is basically the worst bone you can break in your ankle) spent four days in the hospital, and our travel plans for 2015 were trashed. We were given the news in the hospital that I was not going to be able to walk for three months and should expect to need physical therapy once I did start walking again, so there was a long road ahead. I want to write an entire blog post devoted to the whole injury and recovery experience but that’s a story for another day.


March: Up front I would like to say that we have amazing friends and family. The support we were given this past year has been incredible and we are so thankful. It made life so much easier having people to lean on during a time that would have been much harder without them. Right after my accident we were in a bit of a pickle because getting in and out of the RV was pretty much impossible for me. If necessary, we could have made it work, but it would have been really hard – especially since our bathroom is up two large steps. Our friends in Alabama graciously offered to let us come stay with them while I improved. We were there almost a whole month before I finally felt up to being able to travel. Since we knew for the next few months I would need to be seeing a doctor and doing physical therapy we decided to go back to Texas where we would be able be near family.

April-June: We spent the better part of six months hanging out in San Antonio. For the first couple of months we actually stayed in my parents house since I was still pretty much wheelchair bound. However, even though we weren’t doing any RV traveling, we didn’t give up our spirit of wanderlust entirely.



We took advantage as much as possible of only being a couple of hours away from the beach in Corpus Christi and once I got the all clear to start weight-bearing in June, we made a several week trip to Alabama and back in the truck.


While we were in Birmingham we magically found out a few hours before hand that Garth Brooks was playing and managed to grab some tickets. It was extremely fun! We even made the most of our little excursion by dropping by Gulf Shores on our way back to Texas.

IMG_0425It was my first time seeing a white, sugary beach and I loved it!

July-September: Once we got back to Texas we took the RV on a mini little trip up to the Hill Country in Ingram, TX. We had only planned to go for the weekend and attend a family reunion but ended up staying almost three weeks. It was a pain to drive an hour and a half to physical therapy, but we enjoyed our time away so much. Being back in our little home was refreshing and the scenery wasn’t too bad either.


IMG_0620I finally finished up physical therapy in August and had my last doctors appointment of the year on September 8th! I was given the all clear to return back to normal life and have been working on that ever since.


My last day of physical therapy!

October – We’ve been back on the road since the end of September and have been loving every second. We did a bunch of projects around the RV during our relaxing stay on the lake in Alabama and had a blast hanging our with our Bama friends and having a big ol party weekend for the 11th Annual Barber Vintage Festival. Just a few days ago we set out and landed in Little Rock, AR where we’ll be for the next month. IMG_1387

That pretty much sums up most of the major milestones from the last 11 months! It’s hard to believe 2015 has gone by so quickly and we even hit our 1 year anniversary of full-timing back in September! I have so much more to blog about, but there’s plenty of other posts for that.

Long story short, we’re thrilled to be back to normal life and we’re looking forward to all of the new adventures that 2016 has to bring!

Thanks for sticking around during our time away from blog world! :)





13 Comments on “Hello World

  1. So glad your better! Love reading your blogs! Happy to see you blogging again! I guess I missed you coming by the produce market. :-( oh well… There’s always the next time! Praying for safe travels!

  2. I’m so glad you are starting this back up again! I was so disappointed when I saw the posts had just dropped of after just discovering you. I can totally understand the anxiety that can happen when things don’t turn out the way you wanted planned and you are not sure what to do. I look forward to more as you are able (so glad the injury is healing well). Good luck to your future!

  3. Glad to hear you’re better! I just found your blog literally days ago! So glad that you are going to continue it :) What I’ve seen has been very inspiring, I hope one day to be able to roam freely as well. Looking forward to more adventures from you!

  4. So glad to see an update. Even more glad you’re on the mend! You are a bad ass my dear.

    10/10 would read again


  5. So glad you are blogging again. My husband and I are full timers also for 2 1/2 years now. I also struggle with the blogging….good at first…then I lost my enthusiasm too. Six hours of work to have my friends and family say they didn’t always read it. I came to the point also that my blogs were how I talk and quit worrying about it being ‘perfect’. Want to hear about your adventures, not an essay for english class…so keep on writing. You are both young and have lot and lots of great adventures ahead of you. Enjoy the journey and looking forward to pictures and your blog in the future!

  6. Just found your blog as well as the others and wish you and your husband happy trails…..it is true, health is everything! I explored your site b/c my husband and i recently purchased a 28 year old 27′ travel trailer and the renovation experiences of others will be a resource to us as we look to our own serious renovations after the first of the year. Happy 2016 to you and keep blogging!

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