From Texas to Alabama

It’s hard to believe a whole month has passed since we left south Texas and started out on our full-time RV journey! Thursday, October 2, was bittersweet because we were leaving family, but it was thrilling to finally be starting the new chapter in life we had worked toward all summer. The initial plan was to leave for Alabama Saturday morning, but my mom’s birthday was Thursday, so we went about an hour north and made a quick pit stop in Spring Branch, TX.


Our day started early, at 5 am, to finish loading everything. We’d done quite a bit of moving in already, but as things go, there was still more left to do than we really anticipated. We practically threw in the last remaining things, knowing once we got to our destination, we could finish organizing everything.

The first stop was Discount Tire, which was thankfully only about 15 miles from my parents house. It was still somewhat nerve racking because of the previous experience we had with tire problems, but we made it safe and sound.


A few hours later, and with four fresh new wheels for Lucille, we arrived at our private little camp in Spring Branch. It wasn’t until we were fully set-up we realized we’d chosen the only spot in the empty campground with a broken water spigot! It wasn’t really a deal breaker and definitely not worth packing up to move because we figured we could just connect to the adjacent spot since we had the whole place to ourselves. Our two water hoses ended up being about a foot short, but it was nothing a trip to Home Depot couldn’t fix. After getting back with groceries and a new hose, I connected the water, excited to finally take a quick shower and prepare dinner for our guests who were scheduled to arrive soon. After turning the water on, I immediately had a panicked thought about checking the new faucets, so I took off running toward Lucille. I didn’t even make it to the door when I saw water coming out of the basement…


Unfortunately, I was so frantic at the time I didn’t stop to take any photos; but I’m sure you can get a a good image in your head of water pouring everywhere. Thankfully, there wasn’t a major problem–just a lack of a faucet on the bathroom sink, which left the connectors wide open, allowing water to shoot right out of the top. A few minutes later I had most of the water cleaned up and headed off to Home Depot again with one of our dinner guests who had just arrived. With new faucet in hand, we made it back by about 6:30, just in time for Matt to quickly install it, so I could finally get started on the birthday dinner!

I wish this is where the water saga ended…but it is not. Since this story about our water woes is already long enough, the short version is: I bought the wrong faucet, so Matt cheerfully volunteered (since I was in tears at this point) to go back to Home Depot for the third time to get the correct one. He replaced it, and we turned the water on again…only to discover that during our renovation, we had nicked the water lines in the basement, and water was still leaking everywhere. We put a fork in the water project for the night since it was almost 9:00, and I still hadn’t started the birthday dinner. I made do with the couple of gallons of drinking water I had remembered to purchase at the store. Even without running water, I managed to whip up a pretty tasty meal and a wonderful birthday evening was had by all.


The next afternoon my parents helped out, and we were able to get the water pipes fixed. Hooray for water! The short 24-hours dry spell was definitely a lesson in patience and going with the flow, as well as a humbling reminder of how lucky we are to have access to clean, running water. We had a lovely day at the park, enjoying a glimpse at what our new wheeled life had in store for us.


Saturday morning we started getting everything packed up because it was finally time to head to Alabama! We noticed there was something wrong with the kitchen lights and were worried it might be a problem with the new inverter, so we called up the awesome folks at Evergreen RV. Even though they typically don’t do service on a Saturdays, they went out of their way to squeeze us in to get it checked out. We ended up kicking our packing into high gear (without taking time to properly secure everything, which is a story for a later post) and headed over to New Braunfels.


It turns out the light problem was just a faulty connection at the breaker box, but we were super thankful to have it fixed before taking off. After we left there, we hit the Flying J right down the street, which funny enough, was the same place where I had noticed Lucille was missing a wheel. We filled up on gas and did the dirty RV deed for the first time.


I am so thankful for Matt, and especially thankful he’s up for the dump task. I mostly just stand by and offer moral support while taking photos. This first dump was particularly fun because we realized our connectors have a sticking problem with our cable-pull valves, which meant Matt had to crawl underneath Lucille to push them in.


That, my friends, is dried toilet paper bits, left behind from previous dumpers…BLECH!!! With the nasty job out of the way, we were ready to finally hit the road and wave goodbye to Texas!

The next 48 hours were a 900-mile travel blur. We drove until about 11 pm Saturday and overnighted in a Walmart parking lot. Sunday morning we rolled out and made it to Cropwell, AL by early evening. Save for one close call with a big rig, we made it without any problems, only losing one piece of Lucille in the process. 😉

We have been loving Alabama and have so many updates to share, but for now I’ll leave you with this beautiful sunrise!








13 Comments on “From Texas to Alabama

  1. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” When we first launched we had one thing after another that needed to be fixed or tweaked. I can sure sympathize. It’s those blips that let us appreciate the good days with smooth sailing and incredible views. Take care and have fun!

  2. Always remember, RVing is not a sprint….it’s a marathon! Part of the excitement AND frustration with having/living in an RV are those pesky little frustrating things that simply don’t happen on a bricks & mortar home. Yes things break on a house BUT it will not leave you stranded on the side of an deserted country road! It looks like your new adventure is starting off great, enjoy your life. Be happy with your choices and keep RVing!
    BTW, AWESOME sunrise pic!

    • Thank you for the wonderful advice Jerry! We are taking to slow because everyone we’ve talked to says they wished they’d started out slower. :)

  3. RV life definitely has to make room for lots of unpleasant surprises, huh? My aunt and uncle are airstream fanatics and have always said the same thing Jerry says – it’s all about the marathon and the journey, not moving fast or making it to any particular destination.

    That sunrise! Alabama looks beautiful.

  4. Its so crazy that we set off on similar dates and we had similar problems, not checking the water until we moved in and light problems. I’m so glad to have someone starting their journey at the same time and I hope you know how much I enjoy following your journey! Maybe our paths will cross one day! Best wishes!

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