Our First Destination

When we tell people we are about to live in an RV full-time and travel the country the question we get asked most often is “Where is your first destination?”. When we tell them, Birmingham, AL they are often a little surprised. Out of all the places in the United States why did we choose Alabama?

I’ll give you a little hint:


A few years ago Matt found a “little” vintage motorcycle festival that takes place every year in Birmingham, AL. The first year he went, it was just him and our friend Skyler. The next year I got to go and the following year a whole crowd of us from Dallas made the trek.


People come from all over the US for Barber Vintage Festival every year. They had a record attendance last year at 61,000 and I’ll bet they break it again this year. It’s sort of like a family reunion every October and we have a countdown running until the next one as soon as it’s over. We have made some of the most amazing friends and all because of motorcycles!


Last year had a fun twist because I fractured my elbow the night before we left…tripping over first base in a co-ed softball game. It didn’t stop me from winning third place in the first annual Motorcycle Toss competition though. I’m aiming for First Place this year since I don’t have a broken arm holding me back. 😉


Since the timing of the festival coincides perfectly with our departure, it made our first destination decision pretty easy. I found a really awesome campground on a lake about 25 miles outside of Birmingham. We will be there for about a month and are looking forward to getting to spend time with our very dear friends who live there. I can’t wait to report back and share photos of our October Homestead!

Now that we have the bathroom almost finished up we just need to move in the rest of our things. It’s surreal that the time for full-time RV living is finally here. In just 6 short days we’ll be rolling Lucille out to get new tires and actually be living in our new home!




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  1. ??? Name of campgrnd near B’Ham…we go to UAB à lot from Dothan, AL. Thks!

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