Magnets and Packing

So, put on your excited face, it’s magnet time! Well, it’s not really that exciting…but definitely more so than packing. To show our appreciation to those of you following along with us, we have a little gift.

We originally designed these magnets for family and friends to leave them with a little something as we set out on our journey. We ended up liking them so much, we had a few extras printed to pass out to those we’ll meet during our travels. At only 3″x4″, it won’t take up too much fridge real estate, and will surely be a good holder for a take-out menu or two. 😉


The first 10 people who comment will not only receive the magnet shown above, but a postcard from our first destination! Please make sure to put your email info in the comment form, so we can contact you to get your mailing address!

Things will be quiet on the blog for the next few weeks as we countdown the days to our departure. Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram during our hiatus while we pack and head back to south Texas to reunite with Lucille. We had some great success in selling our things over the last few days, so I am crossing my fingers that the momentum continues.

Thank you all for letting us share our excitement during this new chapter in our lives!



19 Comments on “Magnets and Packing

  1. Really excited for you guys! We’re going to miss you while you’re gone, but we’re looking forward to following your adventures. And perhaps sometime next year we can meet up for a weekend and camp together when you’re back around the North Texas area! 😀

  2. While my fridge is covered in wood panel, I’ve got a range top fan that will work! Nice on the magnents, and magnents are a great idea. Where did you get them?!

  3. Looking forward to following your adventure and seeing where you travel. In the process of planning our own adventure!

  4. Wish I had your drive and momentum! Maybe you will inspire me to try blogging again, in the meantime I’m making notes! Good luck and safe travels.

  5. Hi kids, Just want to tell you I LOVE what you are doing!!! I look forward to your posts. And yes, I want you to notify me by email of new posts via email because I don’t want to miss any of them! (I just saw the box to check below) You are going to enjoy being together and free to go anywhere and everywhere. Have fun, safe travels!

    • Thank you Kathy!! :) We are so excited. Only two weeks to go as of yesterday! Maybe we will make our way down to Costa Rica some time.

  6. I am super excited to hear about your journey! Going very minimalistic and exploring the country has always appealed to me greatly. One of these days I want to conquer the Appalachian Trail :)
    For now, I will simply continue my path to minimalism. As for the travelling… well, I’ll be living vicariously through you two!

  7. I’ve been telling everyone I meet about this adventure you’re about to embark on! I even talked to my wife about us doing something like this, or at least minimizing the amount of stuff we have. I’m excited to see what happens next. Especially the renovation part. I know I’m late to the magnet party, but if you end up with extras, I know I have room on my fridge for one.

    • Andy!! I’m so happy to hear from you! :) I’ll be messaging you for your address. I encourage you to get rid of some stuff. After we had done it I couldn’t believe we hadn’t done it any time during the last few years we’ve lived in the house. I really think that it’s a freeing feeling to be surrounded by less things.

  8. How exciting to see all that you are doing! We recently bought or fort home on wheels (2005 Jazz 30ft) and we will be embarking on our own adventure soon! Maybe we’ll run into each other along life’s highway! If you still have any magnets we’d love one! Good luckand besafe orthere!

    Rhonda & Ann (with Max and Sarge, or furkids)

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