Adventures in Removing RV Wallpaper Border

How to Remove RV Wallpaper Border

Once we had Lucille in our slanted driveway, my very first job was to remove the wallpaper border. While there was nothing particularly wrong with the border itself, we knew that painting over it left the potential for visible lines, so it had to go.

When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing. I just pulled back the wallpaper and tried to pick off the sticky bits. Not the best plan, so I moved on to plan B. I knew we had some Goof Off laying around the house, so I hunted it down along with some strong paper towels, and I was ready to try again.

This time I had success, but it was slow going. We’re talking hours of pouring the liquid Goof Off onto a paper towel, and then rubbing it onto the sticky wallpaper residue. This method resulted some of it coming off, but I ended up having to roll the remaining sticky into a little ball and then using that ball to roll off the rest. It a slow process, but after several hours I was done with the Great Room.

It was only after we were up to our elbows in Lucille’s renovation that I discovered a MUCH easier way to remove that pesky sticky, residue. I even made a video to show how easy it is!

Step 1: Remove RV wallpaper border.

I found that pulling back the border was not as difficult as I thought once I was able to get a good grip on the corner. I used the closest sharp object I could find, a wood carving tool, which worked really well.

step-1-rv-wallpaper-removalOnce I got a little piece of the corner, I was able to get it pulled back enough to get a good grip. I found that holding border close to the wall as I removed it allowed it to come off in larger pieces.


After pulling the border back it was time to remove the goo! Thankfully, the Goof Off I had been using spilled during our journey, so I was forced to buy more. On our next trip to the store, I was thrilled to learn that SPRAY Goof Off existed.


I felt like I had just discovered fire! The problem with the liquid Goof Off was that once it was on the paper towel, most of it absorbed, leaving little to actually break down the goo. I knew I’d be able to apply the spray directly to the goo, resulting in a great application.

The only downside to this awesome stuff is that it is really potent. So much so, that while applying, I used a dinky little paint mask. For fumes like this you should really use a respirator mask…but I just used what I had.

Step 2: Spray Goof-Off on glue residue.


Step 3: Wipe off the goo!

After applying the Goof Off, I let it sit for about 20-30 seconds to penetrate the goo. I discovered that working in small sections (about 2 feet at a time) allowed the Goof Off not to dry too quickly. Once the Goof Off had a chance to soak in, it was time to wipe with heavy duty paper towels, like these.

wipe-rv-wallpaper-residueWith one good swipe, the goo peeled right off! I only had to scrub a few times to get a glue free surface!

rv-wallpaper-residue-gone copy

Hope this time saving tip will help during your RV remodel! We’d love to see your before and afters!

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18 Comments on “Adventures in Removing RV Wallpaper Border

    • Oh my goodness!! You had quite the time! Don’t worry though, I wasted plenty of time before discovering my new speedy method. 😉

  1. Love the idea! I am painting the walls, so it doesn’t really matter, but did the Goof Off bleach your walls?

    • Thanks Amanda! I felt like the original Goo-Gone bleached more than the spray did, but there could have been a bit or bleaching with the spray as well. I think it really depended on how hard I had to scrub to the the sticky off – which with the spray was very minimal!

  2. I attempted to peel mine off and just a top layer that looked similar to a fake tattoo plastic came off leaving the wallpaper on the wall!!!! And advice I’ve tried goo gone and laundry softner mixed with water! I’m dying here!!!!

    • Wallpaper steamer…it works like a dream…i just did this and i still ended up using goo gone and a rough wash cloth…it takes off a lot…you just have to finish the smaller areas.

  3. I tried Goof Off and it took the pattern layer off the underneath vinyl paper,now will have to paint the bathroom wall in 5th wheeler. My finish on the vinyl wall board must be different from yours has I didn’t see any pattern come off yours in video. Just a heads up for anyone trying it.

    • I have had the exact same problem! Anything that will take the goo takes the print under it as well.

    • I found industrial GoofOff took the colour off the underneath vinyl wall board. I warmed the border with a blow dryer and started peeling. the adhesive was then sprayed with a product “The Goo Buster” smeared it in; left for 20 minutes then scraped as much glue as possible off with a plastic pot scraper then wet bounce sheets and rubbed the area down a couple of times scraping off the loosened glue. the goo buster seemed to work the best out of the many many products I tried.

  4. Great idea to use Goof Off ! I know how you feel…removing wallpaper is mayor major pain in the a*** Renovation its not only a great hobby but it also saves money. There are a lot of online resources to start with for example.

  5. Omg guys…I’m getting ready to do this to a fifth wheel..looks like a lot of work!! But thanks to you ..maybe less work than if I did it on my own..trial and error. Thanks a lot for sharing..going to the store now for a case of this stuff..thanks!

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