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Since you’ve now seen the blank slate we’re working with, I wanted to share some of the ideas we’ve been storing away for the living room vibe. This sort of thing is the icing on the cake to me and will make our fifth wheel seem more like a traditional home and less like an RV.

Design-wise, the living room has been my main focus, mostly because it’s the first thing you see as you enter, but also because it will probably be the place where we spend most of our time. Since we won’t be taking any of our existing furniture with us, it has allowed us to start from scratch and go a different design direction than we’ve had in our homes before.

Here’s a mood board I whipped up to give an idea of furniture, texture, colors and style that we plan to introduce.


I’m not sure if our style has a name, because I am definitely not an interior design pro, but I just know I like it! I thought it would be easiest if I numbered each item so I could give a little background on our thoughts behind each piece.

1. MELLBY Chairs: These were a pick after seeing them in person when Matt and I made the pilgrimage to Ikea one night (lucky for us only a short 10 minute drive). They are comfy and have a subtle houndstooth print which provides a nice contrast. One of the reasons why we chose Ikea furniture was because of the assembly factor. Since the door to Lucille is much smaller than a standard house door, we had to make sure that the furniture we chose could be assembled once we got them inside.

2. LÖVBACKEN Side Table: We may not go with this exact table from Ikea, but I love the mid-century look. I will probably hold out on picking something up until we’ve been living in the space for a while and keep my eye out at thrift stores for something similar.

3. DIY Hanging Planter: Vintage Revivals, one of the many blogs I follow, has an awesome tutorial to make this planter for only $15! I think it will be a great space-saving addition to house my succulent family which I’ve actually managed to keep alive for a couple years! I’m thinking it will look really nice between the two MELLBY chairs in the back of the living area.

4. Allure Vinyl Flooring:  We’ll go into our selection of flooring in a later post, but I felt this was one of the most important features of our design. Matt and I both knew that the dark grey wood was what wanted the moment we laid eyes on it.

5. Mid-Century Sconces: While these lights are clearly out of our price range (at $2,900 for the pair!!!), I hope to find something similar that fits a little closer to our budget.

6. Texas Watercolor Print: This beautiful print, from the Etsy shop artPause, will add some color to our mostly-neutral pallet while also reminding us of the best state in the USA.

7. Black and White Curtains with Bamboo Blinds: I don’t have a source yet for curtains, but I love the simplicity of the black and white, and they look almost easy enough to sew myself! The bamboo blinds, which I’ll most likely pick up at a big box store, will help to bring some warmth into the room, since it’s mostly dominated by blacks, whites and greys.

8. Grey and White Media Cabinet:  Matt gets the credit for finding this little beauty from Target. I love the mid-century look, and the width is the EXACT dimensions of the TV section after removing the original cabinetry.

9. KARLSTAD Sofa: Finally, we will have a leather sofa! After living with fabric sofas and dogs who shed like crazy, leather was a definite choice for when we made the jump to a new couch! I am looking forward to easy cleaning, and as a bonus, the dogs’ white hair should blend right in.

10. Vintage Kilim Rug: I love the look of these rugs because each one is so unique. Like the sconces, this particular rug is way outside our price range. I hope to find one of these in a similar color scheme for a reasonable price, during our travels!

While these are just our ideas for one room, we plan to carry this style throughout the rest of the rooms in little ways. I am looking forward to our plans coming to life as we move in. It will be fun to see if we’re able to pull everything together!

Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with any of these items?

Happy Monday!



4 Comments on “RV Interior Inspiration

  1. My only concern is about the leather sofa. I had a friend, in a S&B house, that had a VERY expensive and gorgeous leather sofa. From her dogs jumping on & off, it got claw marks from their nails, and started to look really nasty. She ended up having to toss it. (BTW it took a few years)

    Good luck with the rest of your reno, or maybe you’re on the road already! Have fun.

    • Thanks for the feedback Sue! We are only a couple of weeks out from hitting the road!

      We are keeping our fingers crossed on the sofa wear. Thankfully since the couch is from Ikea so the cost is relatively inexpensive compared to some fancier retailers. I’m looking forward to giving an update on how it’s held up once we’ve lived with it for a while.

  2. Just came across your blog via Pinterest. LOVE what you’ve done to rennovate your 5th wheel. I’m in the process of buying an RV that needs ‘love’. How did you anchor the new furniture you use or is it not a problem when driving? Thank you and love the posts.

  3. Hi i love your project. Its looking amazing. Do you have photos of how it looks now? I would love to do something like this someday.

    Best regards!

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