RV House Tour – “Before”

I have been reading DIY/Home Renovation blogs (almost daily) for about five years and have been waiting patiently for the day when I have a space of my own to make over. Today’s post will cover how our new home looked the first day we saw it. It was a blank canvas, just waiting to make all of my DIY dreams come true! This post, while not as exciting to look at as the afters, will give a great idea of where we began.

When we first started down the path to possible full time RV living, we went on the prowl to find out every bit of info we could. After researching different trailer brands, styles, and layouts, we came to the conclusion that we wanted to locate a fifth wheel in need of a little love. When we found “the one”, a 2001 34 5L Fleetwood Prowler, it met all of the most important criteria I had decided was necessary after viewing hundreds…and quite possibly, over a thousand RVs.

Kate’s Criteria

• Slideouts – I was specifically looking for dual slideouts (two slides on opposing walls) for the main area. Because we will be sharing our space with three dogs, I wanted to make sure they had plenty of floor space to roam.

• An Open Kitchen and Living Room – This was also a must for me because I wanted to maximize the space in the “great room” to provide the feeling we’ve been used to in our sticks and bricks house.

• A toilet in its own room – I couldn’t believe the number of fifth wheels I came across that had the toilet NEXT TO THE BED.  This was a definite no go for me, as I could not fathom waking up and rolling over every morning to a face full of toilet.

Here is the layout of “Lucille the Fifth Wheel”, as we have so affectionately named her.  This is how she most likely came from the factory. The placement of furniture is very similar to what we have planned, but we have a few small tweaks in mind to make it more functional for our family.


This is the view of the great room, as I like to call it, in all of its original glory. The couple who owned Lucille before us had also lived full time with their two children while they traveled for the husband’s medical profession. She did not come with any furniture, which was actually a plus because we planned to replace the stock furniture anyway.


The entertainment center was definitely a bit dated, so we made plans to rip out all of the existing cabinetry to make room for a larger/more modern tv and media console.


Right next to the media center, we have the pantry and the kitchen. This has been one of the most exciting parts of the remodel for me because we really have been able to take this space and make it our own.

rv-kitchen-beforeUp the stairs are the bedroom and bathroom. You can see the previous owners had removed the original queen bed and replaced it with bunk beds for their children.


rv-bedroom-before-2Lastly, I’ll leave you with a shot from the inside the bedroom to the other end of the RV.

rv-long-shotIn the next few posts, we’ll be covering the remodeling process of each room and sections of the RV in greater detail.

Lucille’s Upgrade List (Interior): 

• remove wall paper border to prep for painting

• remove and replace all flooring

• tear out media cabinet

• paint EVERY SURFACE (walls, cabinets, counter tops)

• repair rotted wall in bedroom

• tile backsplash in kitchen

• upgrade light fixtures throughout

• upgrade bathroom vanity


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  1. We want to see the ‘after’ in person!! Please come park at our house for a while!!!!

  2. How were you able to do the slide flooring? I’ve heard you can,t. Obviously not

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