The STUFF is Gone!

I am writing this post, while breathing sighs of relief, from the floor of our FINALLY empty house. Getting all of our belongings into a 5×8 trailer has been a heck of a task. All in all, the moving and packing hasn’t been the worst thing I’ve ever done, but it has been a tedious project I thought would never end (much like the painting). I couldn’t be happier to have it all behind us. This was the challenge we were dreading the most in the whole “getting ready to rv full-time” thing. Moving is generally an awful task, and Matt and I have moved 6 times together before, but this move posed new challenges since we didn’t have the luxury of just boxing things up and dealing with them at our next destination.

This meant throwing away A LOT of things.

Embarrassing trash.

YIKES. That is an embarrassing amount of trash…and the craziest part is that it all came out of nowhere! Anyone who has visited our house can tell you we did not live like those people you see on hoarders, so how we had THAT much junk is beyond me.

The good news: all we’re left with are the things we’ll be moving into Lucille!


I really hope my plants don’t die…

The last  two weeks have been filled with lots of sweat, a little blood, and only a few tears. The dogs, on the other hand, have had it pretty easy.


We are two days behind our originally-scheduled departure, but I’m ok with that. Going with the flow is something we’re excited about as we start out on this new journey.

We will be heading down to south Texas tomorrow morning, stopping along the way in Austin to pick up our new couch at Ikea! Once we’ve reunited with Lucille, we’ll be finishing up the renovation, moving in, and then setting out on our new adventure! We’re only a few short weeks away from officially being able to call ourselves full-time RVers! :)


7 Comments on “The STUFF is Gone!

  1. Wow.. this sounds so much like us last November.. dumpster and all.. lol.. Congrats to you.. you will enjoy.. there hasn’t been a day yet that we have regretted our decisions to go full time..

  2. I can’t imagine how exhilarating it must be to clean out so completely like that. Congrats!

  3. “I really hope my plants don’t die…” That made me giggle.

    I have read, um… ALL, of your posts in one sitting. My boyfriend and I are thinking of selling everything and moving into a fifth wheel. But we wouldn’t necessarily be as nomadic as y’all are. Chris is military with new orders coming soon, and we have family all over the US. We are thinking a movable home might be a fantastic option for us. We also have a spunky, adventurous 5 year old!

    Anyways, we are just in the beginning stage– researching. And that’s why I am here commenting. You have given me a lot of insight. I am going to follow you on Instagram : )

    Good luck with Mobi. And safe travels!


    P.S. In one of your posts you have the quote, “You can always make more money, but you will never make more time.” When I saw this it almost brought tears to my eyes because it is a quote that I have had on my heart for a couple of days. I came across it in some old belongings of mine and in a way that quote opened up the whole fifth wheel option for us. To find it here in your blog was something nice. In simple summary… THANK YOU for blogging. Keep doing what you do!

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