Our Fifth Wheel Mid-Renovation Tour

Hello all and Happy Friday! I hope everyone enjoyed reading about our crazy first adventure! I thought since it will be a while before we show official Before & Afters of Lucille,  I would give you a tour of progress during the renovation. Our two little DIYers, Maverik and Lennard, are here to help!


Most of the month of July was spent renovating our “new to us” fifth wheel. We did have some breaks for family time and work, but other than that, we were demoing, painting, installing flooring, and painting some more! I am really glad we had time to do all of the dirty work before moving in. I think it would have been difficult to do this level of remodel while also living full time in such a small space.

We started on the demolition of the media cabinet first. Then we moved on to removal of the PVC curtain rods and shelves the previous owners had installed, followed by removing all of the cabinet doors.

Next up was getting rid of the carpet that had definitely seen better days. From the research I have done, people who remove carpet from their RV and replace it with a hard floor never look back. I have been dreaming of the day when we would live in a house with no carpet.


Don’t let this photo fool you. Matt had to strong-arm most of the edges to get the carpet free, but I was a pretty good roller, and Lennard did his best to help.


After we got the flooring up (more on that later), I was on vacuum and staple duty to try and get the space as clean as possible, while Lennard took a break from the hard work. We could not believe the difference removing the carpet made. The space instantly felt so much bigger! I don’t know how removing carpet could make that happen (maybe some weird light reflection magic), but once that dirt trap was gone, it felt like a completely different room.

With the flooring gone, it was finally time for paint! I think the most difficult (more like, time-consuming) part of the whole process was painting. Matt may say differently since he was in charge of laying the floor, but painting the existing RV wallpaper seemed like a task that would never end. It’s hard to believe a few hundred square feet would require so much painting time! I think this was partly due to the fact that we put 4 coats on the walls to make sure it would last: two coats of Kilz Premium Primer, then two coats of Behr Premium Plus paint, plus touch ups.

Buh-bye orangey wood, hello delicious white!


Cue the sound of angels singing. 😉

We first thought about painting the trim pieces grey, but after spending some time in the RV, we decided we wanted a smooth transition without the trim creating a visual break in the walls. It’s amazing what some paint can do to open up a room!

Once all of the painting was complete, it was the moment we’d been waiting for. Flooring!


This was when we really started to see our vision come to life. It was so exciting to see the room starting to look complete!

Don’t think that the bedroom was left out of all this fun. We preferred working in the Great Room, as opposed to the bedroom, because it was much hotter “upstairs”. I guess that’s what happens when you decide to renovate during one of the hottest months of the summer. We hope to install a second a/c unit at some point, and possibly replace the emergency window with one we can open to create better airflow.

Our first step in the bedroom was to remove the front rotted wall. There was apparently a leak at some point (which we haven’t found any evidence still exists) that caused the front wall to become soft and rotten.


After the wall and insulation were removed, we got a glimpse of the pink fiberglass shell. Before long, the master carpenter (my dad) had helped us install a shiny new wall.

rv-bedroom-remodel-new-wallThen I got to work painting upstairs. We decided at the last minute to paint a few walls in the bedroom a dark grey color. I really love the moody/sleepy vibe the grey walls provide. I can’t wait to take naps in here!


We are so excited to move in soon! I am looking forward to living in a space we have put so much time and effort into making our own.

Now I’m off to pack…we only have a few weeks before our departure and I’ve barely started!!





26 Comments on “Our Fifth Wheel Mid-Renovation Tour

      • What was the thickness you used on your floors. We live full time in our fifth wheel and we are in the remodel stage. But we are nervous about the floors because we have four slides.

        • I don’t know if you tackled your floors yet, I also have 4 slides in my 5th wheel not to worry about but it is time to be imaginative in working around some of the obstacles involved. for example we have a front living room which I tore out the new carpet in our new RV and laid our real 3/8 thick bamboo hardwood flooring. I also did the stairs with bull nose trim and faux stone risers. at the same time making storage in the stairs available. then did the slide out in our dining area I ended up also using bull nose trim to finish around the flooring to hide the slide out seal. fabricated some nice corner pieces with the bull nose as well. just remember to work within your axle weight limitations. It’s always cool to be able to say ” yep we remodeled this” we did not pay someone else to do it for us. I did ours in such a way while your inside it feels more like a log cabin than a RV. but that’s just me and the style I like, gotta make it work for you. have fun try not to make it a job. did I mention we have been doing all of our modifications and add-on while living in her full time.

    • I live in my parked 5th wheel for now, but would love to take this big honkin’ bed out, and make the room into simply another room, with a sleek ikea type sofa/bed.

      • sounds doable, just 2 things to remember (1) under your bed is storage (a lot of storage) and (2) The RV moves so don’t forget to figure out a way to secure it to the floor. other than that, have a great time.

    • We are! We’ll be putting together some sort of contraption to have a bed we can raise and lower for storage. I think you could absolutely remove your existing bed and replace it with something more space-saving. The previous owners had removed the original bed to have bunk beds for their kids since they full-timed as well!

  1. Love what you did here! My boyfriend and I are in the middle of getting financing to purchase a full-time life living mobile! As an interior designer, I can’t wait to gut the thing and make it our own. We are really in love with the Winnebago Adventurer 38J, but because they are so pricing, and hard to get financing for, we might have to go the 5th wheel route like you guys. What made ya’ll choose the 5th wheel? Did you already have a tow vehicle?

    Also, how is the slide out with wood on it? I’ve heard that you typically want to keep the slide out with carpet for some reason. Have you had any issues with it?

    Sorry if thats too many questions! Thanks for the amazing blog posts, I love following along!


    • Thank you Leah! We ended up with a fifth wheel for many reasons, but a few were the easier towing (less sway), the ceilings (love the height!) and just a bit more room than a travel trailer. We purchased our tow vehicle first that way when we found “the one” we’d be able to purchase it right away instead of having to then find a truck as well. Our slides are really great and come all the way up so there are no worries on scratching. We also used a rubber wall base as the transition and it has worked GREAT! We should have a flooring post coming up soon that will have all of those details explained a bit better.

      So glad to have you following along! :)

      • I would love a flooring post! I have a fifth wheel and so many posts I’ve found dont mention the slide outs or have to deal with them. I don’t want to pay money to change them and have them destroyed! It looks great. I cant wait to paint our cabinets white, the orange is life sucking!!

  2. aloha, Can you please let me know HOW did ya’ll get the carpet and flooring out from under the slides. I am having issues with this. HELP. They use soooo many staples LOL. Like what kind of Tool to pull it out. Love what you’ve done.

  3. If you don’t mind me ask how much did it cost to change the floors? We are wanting to change ours. Carpet is really hard to keep clean.

  4. I was looking through your renovations and was curious about how you completed the flooring in the slide outs? My husband and I will be putting the flooring in our fifth wheel home, hopefully next weekend, and I have not found any good information about the process.

  5. LOVE your remodel! My husband and I have been living full time in a 35′ 5th wheel for 6 years. I want to renovate SO bad – my husband thinks I’m nuts. The only thing I’m queezy about is painting that vinyl wallpaper and the floors. Can I do it? Would love more details on flooring. Happy Trails!

  6. super awesome, turned out beautiful! We just bought a 30 ft 5th wheel, hoping to do about the same thing… carpet out, wood in & paint walls. What type of flooring did you use and about how much did you spend? I love the color!

  7. This is exactly the stage we’re in! Floors are up, just ordered replacement vinyl. Just spent many hours painting last weekend. So exhausting but SO worth it. The changes are already drastic!

  8. I love love love all of the white paint! I am actually in the process of doing the same thing! Only problem is that some pieces are “wood” and I can’t get paint to stick, it just peels right off! Any suggestions?

  9. Can you explain a little more about how you did the flooring in your slide outs. Any tips or tricks on things that you learned along the way? I’ve been searching for information because we have been wanting to remove our carpet and replace with laminate flooring.

    Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

    We too live the full time Camping life, but we don’t do the traveling. Jobs keep us grounded with our home on wheels.

  10. Love your Reno we are really interested in how you did the floor slides and how did you do the transition. Also how did you prep the cabinet doors for paint . Looking forward to your floor post.

  11. Just adding one more request for info about the flooring, replacing carpet in the slides, etc. But I see you’re now working on Mobi! Really enjoy your writing and photos.

  12. I love your floors! my mom was told she had to keep slide outs carpet. where did you find transition piece?

  13. Love it! I live in my fifth wheel, and painted downstairs white, with ivory cabinets. What a HUGE difference the white makes in here, I was getting down with the darkness by spring. Next year is my floor. Thanks for the tip of rubber floor base for the transition. That is my biggest concern. For those asking about painting wood and non wood, I used Glidden Gripper as a primer, it seemed to help the paint stick better. I wouldn’t spend extra on Behrs Marque paint, it still took two or more coats. It was well worth all the time to paint!

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