It’s hard to believe a whole month has passed since we left south Texas and started out on our full-time RV journey! Thursday, October 2, was bittersweet because we were leaving family, but it was thrilling to finally be starting the new chapter in life we had worked toward all summer. The initial plan was to leave for Alabama Saturday morning, but my mom’s birthday was Thursday, so we went about an hour north and made a quick pit stop in Spring Branch, TX.


Our day started early, at 5 am, to finish loading everything. We’d done quite a bit of moving in already, but as things go, there was still more left to do than we really anticipated. We practically threw in the last remaining things, knowing once we got to our destination, we could finish organizing everything.

The first stop was Discount Tire, which was thankfully only about 15 miles from my parents house. It was still somewhat nerve racking because of the previous experience we had with tire problems, but we made it safe and sound.


A few hours later, and with four fresh new wheels for Lucille, we arrived at our private little camp in Spring Branch. It wasn’t until we were fully set-up we realized we’d chosen the only spot in the empty campground with a broken water spigot! It wasn’t really a deal breaker and definitely not worth packing up to move because we figured we could just connect to the adjacent spot since we had the whole place to ourselves. Our two water hoses ended up being about a foot short, but it was nothing a trip to Home Depot couldn’t fix. After getting back with groceries and a new hose, I connected the water, excited to finally take a quick shower and prepare dinner for our guests who were scheduled to arrive soon. After turning the water on, I immediately had a panicked thought about checking the new faucets, so I took off running toward Lucille. I didn’t even make it to the door when I saw water coming out of the basement…


Unfortunately, I was so frantic at the time I didn’t stop to take any photos; but I’m sure you can get a a good image in your head of water pouring everywhere. Thankfully, there wasn’t a major problem–just a lack of a faucet on the bathroom sink, which left the connectors wide open, allowing water to shoot right out of the top. A few minutes later I had most of the water cleaned up and headed off to Home Depot again with one of our dinner guests who had just arrived. With new faucet in hand, we made it back by about 6:30, just in time for Matt to quickly install it, so I could finally get started on the birthday dinner!

I wish this is where the water saga ended…but it is not. Since this story about our water woes is already long enough, the short version is: I bought the wrong faucet, so Matt cheerfully volunteered (since I was in tears at this point) to go back to Home Depot for the third time to get the correct one. He replaced it, and we turned the water on again…only to discover that during our renovation, we had nicked the water lines in the basement, and water was still leaking everywhere. We put a fork in the water project for the night since it was almost 9:00, and I still hadn’t started the birthday dinner. I made do with the couple of gallons of drinking water I had remembered to purchase at the store. Even without running water, I managed to whip up a pretty tasty meal and a wonderful birthday evening was had by all.


The next afternoon my parents helped out, and we were able to get the water pipes fixed. Hooray for water! The short 24-hours dry spell was definitely a lesson in patience and going with the flow, as well as a humbling reminder of how lucky we are to have access to clean, running water. We had a lovely day at the park, enjoying a glimpse at what our new wheeled life had in store for us.


Saturday morning we started getting everything packed up because it was finally time to head to Alabama! We noticed there was something wrong with the kitchen lights and were worried it might be a problem with the new inverter, so we called up the awesome folks at Evergreen RV. Even though they typically don’t do service on a Saturdays, they went out of their way to squeeze us in to get it checked out. We ended up kicking our packing into high gear (without taking time to properly secure everything, which is a story for a later post) and headed over to New Braunfels.


It turns out the light problem was just a faulty connection at the breaker box, but we were super thankful to have it fixed before taking off. After we left there, we hit the Flying J right down the street, which funny enough, was the same place where I had noticed Lucille was missing a wheel. We filled up on gas and did the dirty RV deed for the first time.


I am so thankful for Matt, and especially thankful he’s up for the dump task. I mostly just stand by and offer moral support while taking photos. This first dump was particularly fun because we realized our connectors have a sticking problem with our cable-pull valves, which meant Matt had to crawl underneath Lucille to push them in.


That, my friends, is dried toilet paper bits, left behind from previous dumpers…BLECH!!! With the nasty job out of the way, we were ready to finally hit the road and wave goodbye to Texas!

The next 48 hours were a 900-mile travel blur. We drove until about 11 pm Saturday and overnighted in a Walmart parking lot. Sunday morning we rolled out and made it to Cropwell, AL by early evening. Save for one close call with a big rig, we made it without any problems, only losing one piece of Lucille in the process. 😉

We have been loving Alabama and have so many updates to share, but for now I’ll leave you with this beautiful sunrise!








When we tell people we are about to live in an RV full-time and travel the country the question we get asked most often is “Where is your first destination?”. When we tell them, Birmingham, AL they are often a little surprised. Out of all the places in the United States why did we choose Alabama?

I’ll give you a little hint:


A few years ago Matt found a “little” vintage motorcycle festival that takes place every year in Birmingham, AL. The first year he went, it was just him and our friend Skyler. The next year I got to go and the following year a whole crowd of us from Dallas made the trek.


People come from all over the US for Barber Vintage Festival every year. They had a record attendance last year at 61,000 and I’ll bet they break it again this year. It’s sort of like a family reunion every October and we have a countdown running until the next one as soon as it’s over. We have made some of the most amazing friends and all because of motorcycles!


Last year had a fun twist because I fractured my elbow the night before we left…tripping over first base in a co-ed softball game. It didn’t stop me from winning third place in the first annual Motorcycle Toss competition though. I’m aiming for First Place this year since I don’t have a broken arm holding me back. 😉


Since the timing of the festival coincides perfectly with our departure, it made our first destination decision pretty easy. I found a really awesome campground on a lake about 25 miles outside of Birmingham. We will be there for about a month and are looking forward to getting to spend time with our very dear friends who live there. I can’t wait to report back and share photos of our October Homestead!

Now that we have the bathroom almost finished up we just need to move in the rest of our things. It’s surreal that the time for full-time RV living is finally here. In just 6 short days we’ll be rolling Lucille out to get new tires and actually be living in our new home!




Hello all! I am finally back for a quick, all over the place, photo update on the status of things around here. It has almost been two weeks since we got rid of most of our stuff and said good-bye to our home of 3.5 years to set out on our full-time RV journey.

wf_farewell_DallasThankfully, this trip from Dallas to south Texas wasn’t nearly as eventful as the last one.

Two days after we arrived at my parents’ house, I celebrated my 27th birthday.


It was a nice relaxing day, spent with family, for the first time in years. I’m only 10 days into it, but I can say 27 is looking to be my happiest year so far. You can see the awesome birthday nesting bowls, which are perfect for RV living! Not only are they space-saving, but pretty to look at too!

After a day of relaxing, we picked up right where we left off on our RV remodel.

First up: The Bathroom


This was the only area we hadn’t really done much with. I started out by getting rid of the gold shower.


After a little demo, painting, and prepping the floor, the bathroom is starting to match the rest of the “house”.


In addition to the bathroom work, we have been doing a lot of furniture assembly and arranging.


I have a fun DIY project planned for our new media stand, which I’ll hopefully get to complete in the next month or so.

In addition to all of the busyness, we’ve managed to get in some family time and enjoy the beautiful sunsets south Texas has to offer.


I realized while walking around and snapping photos, that we hadn’t showed Lucille’s rear. I love all of the windows!fleetwood_prowler_345L_back

Amidst the ongoing chaos, we have a couple of spaces that are shaping up and close to being finished. We have had so much encouragement and nice comments on the sneak peeks we’ve posted on Instagram and Facebook, so I wanted to share a couple of the latest photos. We’ll be giving a full rundown of each space and how we got there, but for now, I’ll leave you with these teasers. :)


The kitchen is my absolute favorite part of the remodel so far. In case you forgot how it looked before, you can check it out here. I can’t wait to actually put the stove to use and cook our first meal!


Adding curtains to the living room has really made it feel complete. We have all of our furniture assembled and the curtains are in the midst of being hemmed and trimmed! I ordered new floor registers today to match and finally fill in those holes in the floor.

Now that we’re winding down on packing/moving/more renovation, I’ll finally have a chance to finish all of those unfinished blog posts I’ve started. 😉 We only have a little over a week before we’re moved into Lucille and on the road headed to our first destination. Woohoo!





I am writing this post, while breathing sighs of relief, from the floor of our FINALLY empty house. Getting all of our belongings into a 5×8 trailer has been a heck of a task. All in all, the moving and packing hasn’t been the worst thing I’ve ever done, but it has been a tedious project I thought would never end (much like the painting). I couldn’t be happier to have it all behind us. This was the challenge we were dreading the most in the whole “getting ready to rv full-time” thing. Moving is generally an awful task, and Matt and I have moved 6 times together before, but this move posed new challenges since we didn’t have the luxury of just boxing things up and dealing with them at our next destination.

This meant throwing away A LOT of things.

Embarrassing trash.

YIKES. That is an embarrassing amount of trash…and the craziest part is that it all came out of nowhere! Anyone who has visited our house can tell you we did not live like those people you see on hoarders, so how we had THAT much junk is beyond me.

The good news: all we’re left with are the things we’ll be moving into Lucille!


I really hope my plants don’t die…

The last  two weeks have been filled with lots of sweat, a little blood, and only a few tears. The dogs, on the other hand, have had it pretty easy.


We are two days behind our originally-scheduled departure, but I’m ok with that. Going with the flow is something we’re excited about as we start out on this new journey.

We will be heading down to south Texas tomorrow morning, stopping along the way in Austin to pick up our new couch at Ikea! Once we’ve reunited with Lucille, we’ll be finishing up the renovation, moving in, and then setting out on our new adventure! We’re only a few short weeks away from officially being able to call ourselves full-time RVers! :)


Getting Rid of Stuff

Photo Credit

We have only 10 days left before moving out of our home of 3 1/2 years!

As I have been sorting through our things over the past week, my head has been filled with thoughts about the stuff in our lives.

Most people probably would have taken more time to go through their belongings than I have. It was only last week that I started the process of downsizing 1800 sq ft of things to move into Lucille’s < 400 sq ft. In many ways, I am the type of person who does best under pressure and tight deadlines, so starting two months ago would not have been my style.

Since Matt and I are choosing not to store many things, most everything we own has to go. It’s hard to believe how much STUFF you accumulate. It is often in the places you don’t even see — a junk drawer, closet, bin, etc. I keep coming across stuff I didn’t even know we had…in places I had forgotten existed!

This isn’t the first time Matt and I have had to get rid of most of our stuff. Matt’s was when he moved overseas, and mine was when I moved from a duplex to a tiny apartment. This time around, I am approaching the purge with a different outlook.

Over the past few months, I have been thinking about the space in my life and where we spend most of our time. We originally moved into our house to have more room, but it wasn’t until recently, we realized we had only been using a fraction of the footage. In addition to the excess space, our house was FILLED with stuff we never used. It was all there…the space and the things…just existing around me. I came to the realization that I don’t need any of it.

It is somewhat surreal that we are this close to starting our so-called new lifestyle. A life full of less things, but hopefully more experiences in their place. I believe that while there will be some everyday things that stay the same, life as we know it will be different in many ways. We will still work and eat and lay our heads down in the same bed every night. But it’s the routine everyday surroundings that will change. There will always be new places to shop, eat and play, neighbors to meet, and an ever-changing backyard. I am looking forward to our new sense of normal.

I want the joy in my life to come from people and my surroundings, not from the things that surround me.

I read the following quote in an article called “A New Memoir About What Happens When You Get Rid of All Your Stuff”:

“Does this thing add value to my life? I learned that once you gain momentum, once you feel the benefits of removing the clutter from your life, embracing minimalism gets easier by the day.”

The article, written by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of, goes into interesting details about living with less. If you have any desire to remove “things” from your life, I highly recommend reading it.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be sharing specific tips and tricks we used to downsize for full-time rv living. But for now, I will just leave you with these musings.




So, put on your excited face, it’s magnet time! Well, it’s not really that exciting…but definitely more so than packing. To show our appreciation to those of you following along with us, we have a little gift.

We originally designed these magnets for family and friends to leave them with a little something as we set out on our journey. We ended up liking them so much, we had a few extras printed to pass out to those we’ll meet during our travels. At only 3″x4″, it won’t take up too much fridge real estate, and will surely be a good holder for a take-out menu or two. 😉


The first 10 people who comment will not only receive the magnet shown above, but a postcard from our first destination! Please make sure to put your email info in the comment form, so we can contact you to get your mailing address!

Things will be quiet on the blog for the next few weeks as we countdown the days to our departure. Keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram during our hiatus while we pack and head back to south Texas to reunite with Lucille. We had some great success in selling our things over the last few days, so I am crossing my fingers that the momentum continues.

Thank you all for letting us share our excitement during this new chapter in our lives!



How to Remove RV Wallpaper Border

Once we had Lucille in our slanted driveway, my very first job was to remove the wallpaper border. While there was nothing particularly wrong with the border itself, we knew that painting over it left the potential for visible lines, so it had to go.

When I first started, I had no idea what I was doing. I just pulled back the wallpaper and tried to pick off the sticky bits. Not the best plan, so I moved on to plan B. I knew we had some Goof Off laying around the house, so I hunted it down along with some strong paper towels, and I was ready to try again.

This time I had success, but it was slow going. We’re talking hours of pouring the liquid Goof Off onto a paper towel, and then rubbing it onto the sticky wallpaper residue. This method resulted some of it coming off, but I ended up having to roll the remaining sticky into a little ball and then using that ball to roll off the rest. It a slow process, but after several hours I was done with the Great Room.

It was only after we were up to our elbows in Lucille’s renovation that I discovered a MUCH easier way to remove that pesky sticky, residue. I even made a video to show how easy it is!

Step 1: Remove RV wallpaper border.

I found that pulling back the border was not as difficult as I thought once I was able to get a good grip on the corner. I used the closest sharp object I could find, a wood carving tool, which worked really well.

step-1-rv-wallpaper-removalOnce I got a little piece of the corner, I was able to get it pulled back enough to get a good grip. I found that holding border close to the wall as I removed it allowed it to come off in larger pieces.


After pulling the border back it was time to remove the goo! Thankfully, the Goof Off I had been using spilled during our journey, so I was forced to buy more. On our next trip to the store, I was thrilled to learn that SPRAY Goof Off existed.


I felt like I had just discovered fire! The problem with the liquid Goof Off was that once it was on the paper towel, most of it absorbed, leaving little to actually break down the goo. I knew I’d be able to apply the spray directly to the goo, resulting in a great application.

The only downside to this awesome stuff is that it is really potent. So much so, that while applying, I used a dinky little paint mask. For fumes like this you should really use a respirator mask…but I just used what I had.

Step 2: Spray Goof-Off on glue residue.


Step 3: Wipe off the goo!

After applying the Goof Off, I let it sit for about 20-30 seconds to penetrate the goo. I discovered that working in small sections (about 2 feet at a time) allowed the Goof Off not to dry too quickly. Once the Goof Off had a chance to soak in, it was time to wipe with heavy duty paper towels, like these.

wipe-rv-wallpaper-residueWith one good swipe, the goo peeled right off! I only had to scrub a few times to get a glue free surface!

rv-wallpaper-residue-gone copy

Hope this time saving tip will help during your RV remodel! We’d love to see your before and afters!

Best of luck,







Hello all and Happy Friday! I hope everyone enjoyed reading about our crazy first adventure! I thought since it will be a while before we show official Before & Afters of Lucille,  I would give you a tour of progress during the renovation. Our two little DIYers, Maverik and Lennard, are here to help!


Most of the month of July was spent renovating our “new to us” fifth wheel. We did have some breaks for family time and work, but other than that, we were demoing, painting, installing flooring, and painting some more! I am really glad we had time to do all of the dirty work before moving in. I think it would have been difficult to do this level of remodel while also living full time in such a small space.

We started on the demolition of the media cabinet first. Then we moved on to removal of the PVC curtain rods and shelves the previous owners had installed, followed by removing all of the cabinet doors.

Next up was getting rid of the carpet that had definitely seen better days. From the research I have done, people who remove carpet from their RV and replace it with a hard floor never look back. I have been dreaming of the day when we would live in a house with no carpet.


Don’t let this photo fool you. Matt had to strong-arm most of the edges to get the carpet free, but I was a pretty good roller, and Lennard did his best to help.


After we got the flooring up (more on that later), I was on vacuum and staple duty to try and get the space as clean as possible, while Lennard took a break from the hard work. We could not believe the difference removing the carpet made. The space instantly felt so much bigger! I don’t know how removing carpet could make that happen (maybe some weird light reflection magic), but once that dirt trap was gone, it felt like a completely different room.

With the flooring gone, it was finally time for paint! I think the most difficult (more like, time-consuming) part of the whole process was painting. Matt may say differently since he was in charge of laying the floor, but painting the existing RV wallpaper seemed like a task that would never end. It’s hard to believe a few hundred square feet would require so much painting time! I think this was partly due to the fact that we put 4 coats on the walls to make sure it would last: two coats of Kilz Premium Primer, then two coats of Behr Premium Plus paint, plus touch ups.

Buh-bye orangey wood, hello delicious white!


Cue the sound of angels singing. 😉

We first thought about painting the trim pieces grey, but after spending some time in the RV, we decided we wanted a smooth transition without the trim creating a visual break in the walls. It’s amazing what some paint can do to open up a room!

Once all of the painting was complete, it was the moment we’d been waiting for. Flooring!


This was when we really started to see our vision come to life. It was so exciting to see the room starting to look complete!

Don’t think that the bedroom was left out of all this fun. We preferred working in the Great Room, as opposed to the bedroom, because it was much hotter “upstairs”. I guess that’s what happens when you decide to renovate during one of the hottest months of the summer. We hope to install a second a/c unit at some point, and possibly replace the emergency window with one we can open to create better airflow.

Our first step in the bedroom was to remove the front rotted wall. There was apparently a leak at some point (which we haven’t found any evidence still exists) that caused the front wall to become soft and rotten.


After the wall and insulation were removed, we got a glimpse of the pink fiberglass shell. Before long, the master carpenter (my dad) had helped us install a shiny new wall.

rv-bedroom-remodel-new-wallThen I got to work painting upstairs. We decided at the last minute to paint a few walls in the bedroom a dark grey color. I really love the moody/sleepy vibe the grey walls provide. I can’t wait to take naps in here!


We are so excited to move in soon! I am looking forward to living in a space we have put so much time and effort into making our own.

Now I’m off to pack…we only have a few weeks before our departure and I’ve barely started!!





What began as a 6-hour trip from Dallas to south Texas turned into a bumpy three-day adventure. What’s that saying? “Someday we’ll look back and laugh about this…”

The reason for this trip: Because of city codes, we knew we would be unable keep Lucille in our driveway until our departure. In addition to the city restrictions, our driveway is extremely slanted (which wasn’t the best for heavy work in the RV) so we knew we had to find an alternate place to do our renovation. My parents have several acres in south Texas and were gracious enough to let us crash their pad for a month. Their house has been the perfect place to get Lucille road worthy and also catch up on some much needed family time.

Day 1: Packing the whole family for a two-week, turned month-long trip, took longer than expected. We finally pulled away from Dallas around the time we hoped to arrive at our destination. Not the best start for our first trip, but everyone was in good spirits and thrilled to be on the road. It was our first glimpse into what the future holds.


We knew when we bought Lucille that her tires weren’t in the best condition. We thought since we were only traveling a few hundred miles, they should get us there with no problem. About an hour south of Dallas, our trip took a turn.

We had our first blowout.


RV Tip #1 – If you think your tires might need to be replaced…you probably should go ahead and replace them.

There’s an underlying theme for this post (and life): Even in the midst of a crummy situation, there is always a silver lining.

As we were coming up on an exit, Matt realized the tire was starting to go. This wasn’t just any exit. For one, we were in a rural area so there were very few cars exiting. Secondly, there appeared to be some road work happening, so we had an entire protected lane to pull over in, safely and out of the path of any traffic.

best-blowout-locationDuring his college years, Matt was a tech at a Walmart Tire & Lube Center. This means he can change a tire faster than anyone I know. Not a skill you want to have to use on a regular basis, but when the need arises, it comes in handy! Unfortunately, it wasn’t a quick tire changing experience. Since this was our first trip with Lucille, we hadn’t exactly planned for this to happen and didn’t do a proper inventory of our tools. We did have a great emergency jack and most of the tire changing tools, but we were missing one very important piece of the puzzle — the little stick used to lower the spare tire.

RV Tip #2 – Before heading for the road, make sure you have all the tools needed for a tire change.

We were probably on the side of the road for about 45 minutes before succeeding at lowering the spare to the ground. It was only during a last-ditch effort that we managed to get it loose. After successfully retrieving the spare, Speedy Gonzales and his tire iron went to work, and we were ready to roll.


It was during our time on the side of the road that I discovered a nest of baby birds in the bumper. Whoops…

baby-birds-fifth-wheel-bumperI felt pretty horrible knowing we had kidnapped a family of birds but was hopeful I might be able to rescue them.

Because it was so late in the day, we decided to stop at the nearest camp ground and call it a night. We only had to travel a couple of exits south before coming upon our first real RV park! We plan to rate and review RV parks as we travel, so it was pretty exciting to stay in our first one. It was a short 12-hour stop, but I give our first experience an A+! The staff was extremely friendly, and the park had some really great amenities.

On our way to the RV park, we stopped at the closest gas station and picked up fried chicken and beer for the first official meal in our new home. Since we hadn’t planned on camping, the only furnishings we had brought along were a twin-size air mattress and an automotive stool. We ended up just sitting on the floor, talking about our plans and dreaming about the future.


Our unexpected camping trip also gave us the opportunity to try out a few things we hadn’t used before, like the shower, fridge, and air-conditioner. Everything worked great, and the only problem we had was waking up during the night to a horrible smell. We found out later that our battery was over-charging and spreading horrible fumes/gasses into Lucille. Thankfully, no one was harmed, and we were now aware of a problem that needed to be fixed.

Day 2: The next morning we awoke to a beautiful campsite and had a nice walk with the dogs.


A little while later we were all packed up and ready to hit the road again, excited to be only a few hours away from our destination.


We continued south down I-35 while I read aloud an e-book about full-time RV living. There was even a whole section in the book dedicated to tire maintenance and preparing for an inevitable blowout. This made us feel a little better about the previous day’s events and less like first-timers.

About two hours into our drive, I informed Matt that I needed to stop for a bathroom break. This is worth mentioning because I do not make unnecessary pit stops while traveling. On this occasion, I probably could have waited until our next planned stop, but for some reason, I decided to go with my first instinct. We took the very next exit, and Matt dropped me off at the entrance to the travel center. As I turned back to watch Matt drive away, I had this nostalgic feeling watching our new home roll away. While I was affectionately looking at our rig, I noticed something was very wrong:



I suddenly lost any need to use the restroom and took off running toward the truck. As I ran around to the window and told Matt what I had seen, he stared at me dumbfounded, not being able to comprehend what had happened. Once the initial shock wore off, he was able to piece together that while he was changing the tire, it had been difficult to loosen the lug nuts. In hindsight, he realized that whoever had changed the tire last had most likely over-tightened the bolts, which caused them to shear right off. The bolts had been under stress for some time and were likely compromised from the blowout and tire change. The craziest part is that we have no idea when or where the wheel escaped, and if it wouldn’t have been for my unexpected bathroom break, we would have continued on our way with three wheels.

The rest of the day was filled with phone calls and trips around town, trying to get Lucille all fixed up. It wasn’t a standard repair, so we had to find a specialty RV mechanic. We were lucky we made our little discovery in New Braunfels, which had several RV shops nearby for us to choose from.

Since we had some time to kill between stops to have the blowout fixed and the RV mechanic to have bolts replaced, we swung by Home Depot and picked up supplies for the renovation. It was during this trip Scout decided that the clean concrete floor inside of Home Depot would be the perfect place to take a massive dump, right as we entered the front of the store. She must have enjoyed it so much, she decided a second one was necessary further back in the store. Thanks Scout. We’re lucky we didn’t get kicked out.

This stinky trip to Home Depot got even crappier, when we found out the wheel lugs were not a standard size and would need to be special ordered. We had no choice but to leave Lucille at the mechanic shop overnight and head 60 miles south to our destination.

And…if you’re still wondering about the baby birds…may their spirits live on with Lucille forever. I found a rescue in San Antonio that was willing to take them in and raise them, but after losing the wheel, we weren’t able to make it there in time. Rest in peace, little birdies.

Day 3: After a great night’s sleep, we started the day with a renewed sense of hope. We got up, had coffee, and spent time outside with the pups. Our peace was short lived however, when out of the blue, a scuffle ensued between Maverik and Lennard. It all happened so fast and resulted in Lennard having surgery to get all stitched up.


This is why you’ll see Lennard in a cone during most of the renovation. It was definitely the lowest point of the trip, but we were grateful to be within a few miles of an amazing veterinarian who took wonderful care of Lennard. As of today’s post, he has only a small pink spot on his nose, and we’re so thankful he didn’t suffer more serious injuries.

While Lennard was undergoing surgery, we drove to New Braunfels to await Lucille’s release. We passed the time at Starbucks by doing a little work. There we encountered a patron who felt the need to show us that he was wearing dentures…by removing them…twice. We were later informed that during this time, Lennard felt the need to show his teeth to the vet too.

While Lucille was in the shop, the power converter stopped working completely and had to be replaced. This tacked on more to the bill than we had budgeted for, but the nice people at Evergreen RV were fantastic and did everything they could to get us back up and running as quickly as possible.

Due to the additional repair time, Matt had to drive me south to San Antonio so I could catch a ride to rescue the vet from Lennard, who was another thirty miles south. Matt headed back alone in rush hour traffic, barely reaching the shop before closing time. I got back to my parents’ with a very drowsy Lennard and anxiously awaited Matt’s arrival.


I was so relieved and excited to see Matt pull through the gate. After three days of trying to make it to the south Texas prairie, Lucille was finally here! Even though our first journey was far from perfect, we can now laugh at the ridiculous amount of things that went wrong in what was supposed to be a 6-hour trip.

As we gear up for life on the road, we know there will be more bumps along the way…but thankfully there will also be silver linings.




Since you’ve now seen the blank slate we’re working with, I wanted to share some of the ideas we’ve been storing away for the living room vibe. This sort of thing is the icing on the cake to me and will make our fifth wheel seem more like a traditional home and less like an RV.

Design-wise, the living room has been my main focus, mostly because it’s the first thing you see as you enter, but also because it will probably be the place where we spend most of our time. Since we won’t be taking any of our existing furniture with us, it has allowed us to start from scratch and go a different design direction than we’ve had in our homes before.

Here’s a mood board I whipped up to give an idea of furniture, texture, colors and style that we plan to introduce.


I’m not sure if our style has a name, because I am definitely not an interior design pro, but I just know I like it! I thought it would be easiest if I numbered each item so I could give a little background on our thoughts behind each piece.

1. MELLBY Chairs: These were a pick after seeing them in person when Matt and I made the pilgrimage to Ikea one night (lucky for us only a short 10 minute drive). They are comfy and have a subtle houndstooth print which provides a nice contrast. One of the reasons why we chose Ikea furniture was because of the assembly factor. Since the door to Lucille is much smaller than a standard house door, we had to make sure that the furniture we chose could be assembled once we got them inside.

2. LÖVBACKEN Side Table: We may not go with this exact table from Ikea, but I love the mid-century look. I will probably hold out on picking something up until we’ve been living in the space for a while and keep my eye out at thrift stores for something similar.

3. DIY Hanging Planter: Vintage Revivals, one of the many blogs I follow, has an awesome tutorial to make this planter for only $15! I think it will be a great space-saving addition to house my succulent family which I’ve actually managed to keep alive for a couple years! I’m thinking it will look really nice between the two MELLBY chairs in the back of the living area.

4. Allure Vinyl Flooring:  We’ll go into our selection of flooring in a later post, but I felt this was one of the most important features of our design. Matt and I both knew that the dark grey wood was what wanted the moment we laid eyes on it.

5. Mid-Century Sconces: While these lights are clearly out of our price range (at $2,900 for the pair!!!), I hope to find something similar that fits a little closer to our budget.

6. Texas Watercolor Print: This beautiful print, from the Etsy shop artPause, will add some color to our mostly-neutral pallet while also reminding us of the best state in the USA.

7. Black and White Curtains with Bamboo Blinds: I don’t have a source yet for curtains, but I love the simplicity of the black and white, and they look almost easy enough to sew myself! The bamboo blinds, which I’ll most likely pick up at a big box store, will help to bring some warmth into the room, since it’s mostly dominated by blacks, whites and greys.

8. Grey and White Media Cabinet:  Matt gets the credit for finding this little beauty from Target. I love the mid-century look, and the width is the EXACT dimensions of the TV section after removing the original cabinetry.

9. KARLSTAD Sofa: Finally, we will have a leather sofa! After living with fabric sofas and dogs who shed like crazy, leather was a definite choice for when we made the jump to a new couch! I am looking forward to easy cleaning, and as a bonus, the dogs’ white hair should blend right in.

10. Vintage Kilim Rug: I love the look of these rugs because each one is so unique. Like the sconces, this particular rug is way outside our price range. I hope to find one of these in a similar color scheme for a reasonable price, during our travels!

While these are just our ideas for one room, we plan to carry this style throughout the rest of the rooms in little ways. I am looking forward to our plans coming to life as we move in. It will be fun to see if we’re able to pull everything together!

Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with any of these items?

Happy Monday!